Fantastic floods of images – »HOME« by Sabine Hertig at the GRIMM WORLD

The GRIMM WORLD Kassel’s new special exhibition opens shortly: under the title  »HOME«, Swiss artist Sabine Hertig shows large-scale pictorial landscapes that invite the viewer to multi-facetted visual narratives.

Sabine Hertig (*1982) from Basle creates collages with unique visual imagery. Using scissors, paste and countless thousands of fragments, tattered photos torn from newspapers, magazines and books, she »paints« mysterious, dynamic »Landscapes«—which is also the name of her work cycle. The carefully composed pictures generate deliberate tension. Viewed from a distance, her collages are reminiscent of historical paintings, while also developing a dynamic spatial depth. However, the large-scale images do not follow a linear narrative, but—when viewed from close up—disintegrate into the individual images of which they are composed, forming a network of human figures, animals, objects, textile fragments, and natural and architectural elements.


The landscapes that Sabine Hertig presents here exert a curious attraction, casting a spell on the beholder and offering many different possible interpretations. This has prompted the GRIMM WORLD Kassel to present these collages—in contrast to the permanent exhibition—as a projection surface. The images invite viewers to immerse themselves in a world of imagination, to use graphic thought as a tool, thereby creating their own individual stories in their head—stories inspired and driven by the intrinsic power of imagination.

Until 26.09.2021

Opening hours:

Tue – Sun 10am – 6pm | Fri 10am – 8pm | Closed Mon



From the artist’s biography:

Sabine Hertig (*1982) lives and works in Basle. She studied Art and Communication at Basle Academy of Art and Design (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst). She has been represented by the STAMPA Gallery in Basle since 2013. Her honours include the Municipality of Riehen’s 2013 Culture Award, Cristina Spoerri Prize 2017, the UBS Kulturstiftung grant 2020, and a studio bursary in Paris from Atelier Mondial in 2021. Her first comprehensive monograph »Sabine Hertig - Scrap« (Ed. Ines Goldbach) was published by Christoph Merian Verlag in Basle in 2018.

Companion publication:

Sabine Hertig - Scrap: Analoge Collagen
Ines Goldbach (Ed.)
Christoph Merian Verlag, June 2018
162 pages, 96 illustrations in colour, hardback, 22.5 x 31 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-85616-857-5
28 €



HOME - Sabine Hertig
An Exhibition by GRIMM WORLD Kassel

Director | Head of Programmes
Peter Stohler

Project management
Manuela Greipel

Mediation | Supporting Programme
Julia Ronge

Press | Public Relations | Marketing
Katja Blum

Miriam Steen

Stefanie Büscher, Christine Großberndt, Sabine Schimma,
Lina Schmidt, Christina Soose, Timo Vogt

Technical Construction | Lighting | Media Technology
Armin Jakob, Rolf Tonhäuser

Art Handling
[blu]FORM Ralf Mahr | Walter Peter, Bernd Schlake


Graphic Design Key Visual
Büro Ballmann Weber

We would also like to thank all contributors, including:
Angelo A. Lüdin, Matthias Marth, Guntram Porps, Heiko Wiktor