Grimm game

This game invites you to discover Kassel and the diversity of topics connected with the Brothers Grimm. While you walk up from the bottom of the Weinberg to the GRIMM WORLD, you can find paper slips that tell you more about these collectors of fairy tales and words. Click on the colourful paper creatures and unfold their secrets. On each of the seven levels, a click on the paper slips will give you more insights into the world of the Grimms.

A game by Isabel Paehr and Jasper Meiners, Kassel, 2015.

GRIMM WORLD – worth listening to!

Students from the Philipps-University in Marburg were inspired by the topics covered by the GRIMM WORLD and developed their own audio pieces. In the course of the cooperation project “Audio Mediation of Art and Knowledge” with the Institute for Germanistic Linguistics, accompanied by Prof. Dr. Kati Hannken-Illjes and Eva Maria Gauß, these interesting, imaginative and entertaining results were achieved. We are glad to present them to you here, and we will be adding further examples regularly. Come on an acoustic journey through the Grimm cosmos (in the German language)!

VOLKSMÄRCHEN Toni Linke, Susann Schütz
DORNENHECKECarmen Harsch, Ira Rustemeyer, Marina Wolf 
KLEINWESEN Martina Patzwald, Ann-Kristina Gleim, Johanna Brückel
UNDING Achim Hötzel, Henrike Scharfenberg
QUITTE Isabell Koch, Anja Kaczmarek

Important Grimm locations

A virtual journey with the GRIMMS – stopping at the authentic places (in German).

The Brothers Grimm now have their most important site in the city of Kassel, but naturally Hanau, Steinau, Marburg, Göttingen and Berlin were also important stations in their lives. Particularly in Hesse, numerous activities take place every year recalling the Brothers Grimm – ranging from commemorative events and exhibitions to concerts, festivals, readings and competitions.