Our partners and network

Looking back on more than ten years of project preparation, three years of realization, and an exciting and successful time since the opening of the GRIMM WORLD Kassel, we are grateful to the numerous sponsors, patrons, supporters, network partners, and for all inspiration.

For the realization of the GRIMM WORLD Kassel, we should like to express our particular thanks and appreciation to:

For the future, it is our goal to develop the GRIMM WORLD Kassel further, together with the various cooperation partners, mainly from the areas of culture, tourism and education. From the outset, it was a priority for the GRIMM WORLD Kassel to form a network. Cooperation and interaction was propagated from the very beginning – with artists, visitors and institutions, both from the town and the university, with museums, libraries and schools.

Here reference must be made to the “decentralised” concept of the city of Kassel, which collects and preserves the Grimm's heritage as the owner of the Grimm Collection, while the University of Kassel is a pioneer in research with its Chair for the Life and Work of the Brothers Grimm, founded in 2012 and unique in the whole of Germany. The limited company “GRIMMWELT Kassel gGmbH” is responsible for the presentation and communication of the Grimms’ work in all its facets to a wide and international public. Together these partners work together, bringing in their respective specific competencies and resources in the interests of the common goal.

The GRIMM WORLD Kassel relies on a network of local and regional partners. These include Kassel Marketing, the administration of the Kassel district, “GrimmHeimat NordHessen”, the German Fairy Tale Route, and local and regional companies.

Linking skills.Creating trust.Increasing knowledge.