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Necla Rüzgar - My Name Was Written On Every Page

The accompanying publication comprises a cross-section of highly expressive works consisting of paintings and drawings in which Rüzgar turns time and again to myths and legends to address the cultural and social conditions of being a woman in a misogynistic environment.

The publication available in German, Turkish, and English is complemented by three introductory essays on the artist’s work, written by the curator Kevser Güler, the historian Christina Soose, and the art historian Peter Stohler.

Necla Rüzgar - My Name Was Written On Every Page
Peter Stohler and Christina Soose (eds.), GRIMMWELT Kassel
modo Verlag GmbH, 2021
With essays by Kevser Güler, Christina Soose, Peter Stohler, and an interview with Necla Rüzgar by Peter Stohler
176 pages, 105 illustrations, 24 x 29 cm, hard cover, thread-stitching
German | Turkish | English
ISBN 978-3-86833-308-4
32 €

Red Hood, Blue Beard - Colour in Fairv Tales

The eye of the beholder is fascinated by colours. And their symbolic and cultural historical meanings, which have often developed over centuries and been reflected in various narra­tive forms, are found to be equally as fascinating. Thus in traditional folk tales and in literary fairy tales, colours are not just attributes or superficial manifestations but rather have a deeper significance. Why, for example, is the head covering
of a little unimposing girl, of all things, red, and why is the beard of a knight who kills warnen blue? Why does Cinderella wear grey clothing, and what power does Peter Schlemihl's sold shadow have? The publication traces - colour by colour - these and other exciting questions, all richly portrayed with numerous prints and illustrations from historical fairy tale books.

Red Hood. Blue Beard - Colour in Fairy Tales
Sabine Schimma, Peter Stohler for the GRIMMWELT Kassel (eds)
Authors and interviews with Remo Albert Alig, Caroline Capiaghi, Sabine Lutkat, Sabine Schimma, Peter Stohler
120 pp., Hardcover
English / German
€ 28 [D] /US$ 50 / £ 28
ISBN 978-3-89790-573-3
Dctober 2019

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