It’s fun to learn in the GRIMM WORLD

World Tour: are you ready for a journey through the world of the Brothers Grimm?

You do not need to pack a suitcase or a dictionary, just take a little time and a lot of curiosity to rediscover the world of the Brothers Grimm on your own! Ask at the ticket office for the "World Tour” leaflet and you can start.

The GRIMM WORLD has 25 sections. They are named after entries from the "German Dictionary", from "ÄRSCHLEIN" to "ZETTEL". In each case you find the first letter as a neon sign, so that you always know where you are. Your tour through the world of the Brothers Grimm takes you through twelve sections, in each of which you have to answer a question. In this way you will travel through the world of language and the world of Grimms’ fairy tales. Starting point is the letter Z for ZETTEL. But you can also start at any of the other eleven sections. The orange dots and the map on the leaflet will help you to find your way on this world trip. 

Surely you know Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Nonetheless there are lots of new things to find out in the fairy tale section. What do the fairy tale collections look like in other countries? What is hidden in the "HEDGE OF THORNS", and who was Ludwig Emil Grimm? You will find the answers to all these questions in the GRIMM WORLD Kassel. 

There are also lots of exciting things to find out in the section on language. Discover the "German Dictionary" by the Brothers Grimm, their most important work besides their collection of fairy tales. Under the letter O for "ORGANISING", find out more about how Jacob and Wilhelm produced it, and get to know some swear words of their day. And after your World Tour you will also know what is so important about the word FROTEUFEL.

Start off on your World Tour, and afterwards you will not only get a stamp in your passport, but also a little prize at the ticket office. Be surprised!